Thursday, February 26, 2009

I love February Vacation.

Productivity with important things like house cleaning, organizing, wedding planning, etc., all those things that don't seem fun or enjoyable have not been attended to this week. But a wonderful time finishing things and getting ready to start new things has occurred. The skirt is finished, with a maternity panel and everything! It's very comfortable and when a little person is no longer being carried around on the inside, simply ripping out the panel and adding the matching material to make it a regular skirt is within the capability range of this particular person.

Note the belly, it's in between "is she pregnant, or is it winter in NH and she's just eating a lot of chocolate?" The doctor says it's a baby, but please don't keep track of my caloric intake for snacks. Thanks.

The largest snow storm of my winter took place over vacation too, and the beautiful thing about it was that the almost 2 feet of snow did not have to be shoveled off my porch, but rather my parents. That is simply NOT my responsibilty, so let it snow some more!

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