Sunday, November 9, 2008

Here I am....

Stitches East, in Baltimore was very good. Took a class on "The Seven Things That MAKE a Sweater" which explained quite a bit to me that I had been missing and we learned a great way to make buttonholes. They were perfectly symmetrical for the first time in my life. Margaret Fisher taught the class and it was well worth every penny!

Jen lives in Baltimore and is a weaver by craft, which means she loves fiber too. She's much more constrained then I about her stash and I could learn a thing or two from her. We shopped Saturday, she went home and checked her stash (some would just call it a small collection - she was mortified by it's size; I'll have to do some major cleaning before she comes here next then). Sunday she allowed two more purchases because her collection wasn't as big as she had thought. I had two more purchases because I have no restraint. We knew that already though. I have to admit that shopping with her was wonderful, a budget was kept and there was lots there but wasn't as much that was NEEDED. I do want enough Wensleydale to make a beautiful cable sweater. I'll have to save up some money and burn through some stash yarn first though.

In other strange news, I have finished my first sewn project since 3rd grade. Portsmouth Fabric Company has beginning sewing classes and I made a shirt. The material was not a good idea for a first project, but it's so comfortable I am over my frustration and even though it's not great it is so comfortable to wear I just love it. I want to make more, that says a lot because I thought I hated it during most of the project. Here the picture isn't great but I am proud of it for a first project - next come zippers!