Monday, August 22, 2011

Productivity people!!!!

We returned yesterday from 12 days in northern Maine,  Mr. S and I for that long anyway.  I'm very proud of myself as well.  I have completed, finished, finalized, any other synonym we can come up with, 5 sweaters and just waiting on putting in a zipper to a 6th.  Three for baby and 2 for Mr. S. The bonus is I'm motivated to put the zipper in as well.  Plus while I was there,  I've got 90% of another sweater for Pud finished.  And I completed two little baby socks.  Can you believe it?  Even better, I purchased and placed the buttons on the same day.  I do believe that is a miracle.  But with 7 more weeks until this baby is suppose to appear, I guess it was time to make the poor soul a sweater.

Vacation was nice, the weather cooperated very nicely, given the reports I received about the wet season they have been plagued with.  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves we all got along, which when considering family pressed into tight quarters for at least a week, that's an accomplishment as well.   Bumpy seemed to enjoy all his grandchild!