Saturday, June 26, 2010

Full on mommy mode............

So another school year has passed, and a very eventful one at that.  It started out slowly, thank goodness.  But by the time February rolled around, it was full swing preschool craziness.  Some people ARE what they do.  We all know of, it not know,  someone who is.  These people remain excited, committed, almost single minded, with their job also being their hobby.  At times I wish I was more like that, I always think of extra things I'd like to do for work, but then the reality of life (aka laundry and dishes) or even my desire to sit down to knit and watch a favorite show (Glee, this week).  But I do truly love my job, I'm very fortunate and wouldn't want it any other way.  Don't get me wrong, there are days when I don't want to be there as much I should, but when you get to think about your day in terms like "play" "circle" "snack" "outside", it's fairly easy to get over yourself and enjoy the day.

But here I am on summer vacation, and I love it!  It is also only two weeks long before I go back to work part time, which makes it all the sweeter.  As the week has evolved I've had to remind myself to let some things go,  it began with this feeling that since I was home I should be accomplishing things.  I was soon to learn that my opinion of what was suppose to be accomplished in the course of a day is not what my son thinks should be accomplished.  In three days he has had a total of 90 minutes of napping at home, seems he doesn't nap so well for mommy.  He's learned to crawl at a runny pace, and to pull himself up to everything.  His dancing skills have improved daily as well!  He can do more than just wiggle his diaper,  he's got arm movements involved now too.  I've never worked so hard and had such fun in my life, but man,  I could use a nap!