Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I didn't really need another hobby, but -

I visited Spunky Eclectic and took a spinning lesson. She was WONDERFUL, and very patient with me. I learned the drop spindle and spent a bit of time on a Julia Louet wheel. The spinning wheel will take some practice, well a LOT of practice, the spindle come much easier. I think I liked the pace better. I'm going to look around and maybe try some wheels at an upcoming festival.

After three hours, I have some yarn to show for it. It's lump and thick and I love it. I bought some fiber, of course and I can't wait to get started. Maybe I will buy a spinning wheel with GW's money that he is giving to us - how's that for giving back to the economy? There are 3 more days of vacation with rain in the forecast so hopefully I'll have something to show for it. I've technically only been on vacation for two days, but my yarn stash seems to have grown disproportionate to the days off.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

After how many years?

After many years of attempting to grow orchids and failing miserably, I'm proud to introduce to you the newest member of the houseplant family. Here is blossom number 2! Not only has it bloomed once but twice. I have actually raised two flowers from our orchid ( I have been corrected about joint ownership, oops, sorry).

Orchids and I don't always understand each other. We had about 4 buds on this plant in February and when we came back from Utah they were all shriveled up and dying. I have been given two different books on orchids and am constantly consulting Mr. Romance's mother, she is British and an excellent gardener, orchid grower. However, I have still lost one complete plant and was panicked about this one. Everyone tells me orchids are easy, but I think I over care for them and literally kill them with kindness. Thank goodness we don't have pets or kids then hum?

In truth I believe that the fruit bowl with bananas and oranges was too close to the plant on the counter (in case any of you are interested in the proper way to display your orchids) AND we turned the thermostat down when we were away and it was too cold for the flower buds, as well as a few other plants it seems, oops. I guess the houseplants will be happy to know that we are out of frequent flyer miles and free airline tickets, no winter vacations planned for a bit. Ahhh, free vacations.............

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sundays in the springtime.

Traveling cables now apply only to elevators in my life!

With neck nightmares behind me now, the traveling cable sweater is complete. Carole, thanks for your comment, I'm glad other people can relate to my knitting strife, it gives some comfort to know that we all go through it! I think I like the sweater, I'm wearing it right now. It was great to use up some stash yarn from over ten years ago. I bought the yarn hoping to turn it into my version of a popular J Crew sweater and lost interest so it's fun to see that it became a cable sweater after all.

It's a classic '90's pattern, boxy with blousey sleeves. The Bartlett yarn I used is stiff as well which in places accentuates the box, and as the picture is showing, not completely flattering. It is super warm and will be a great weekend sweater so for now I'm happy. I can always take the sleeves back and slim them down. I did modify the pattern a bit but knitting it to my measurements verses following the sizes listed. Hey '80's fashions came back, maybe the '90's will too? Who knows.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Getting closer and closer and closer and.................

I'm so close I can feel it. I have that twitchy anxious can't sit still feeling, all for a sweater. This project has not been hard, just full of mistakes on my part. I've made mismatched cuffs with the front and back and had to frog one of them completely back to start again. I've had to change the length and then question my decision. I've gotten tired of cables and had to take a break and now, there's difficulty lining up the collar. But I'm ALMOST FINISHED! I can feel the end in sight. It's even blocked and ready to sew up as soon as I can figure out this darned neck. I feel neck nightmares in the near future. No one likes neck nightmares, it's too close to the finish line.

In more happier news, today was the first outside ride of the season for Mr. Romance and myself. I wonder if the sight of me sucking wind and dragging my out of shape butt up a hill increases the romance factor or decreases it? I'll have to ask............I'm pretty sure my preoccupation with this sweater is a romance killer - he doesn't respond to my rantings about it anymore. Oops

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Baby Surprise!

Here is my first baby surprise jacket. I've heard so much about it, being a knitting classic and favorite. Elizabeth Zimmerman was a true knitting genius. It was fun to knit it up, it's done in one piece, and then fold it accordingly to see it become a sweater. I've added fish buttons to it, here. They aren't overly practical but still a perfect match. I gave it to the expectant dad as a birthday present last night and he thought I'd lost my mind. Which I have. No doubt. Don't worry I have actually sewn it up, though the stripes added more loose ends than I cared for.