Sunday, December 29, 2013

They were as excited to see them as they were for Santa's upcoming visit.
She has her mother's fashion sense.

Some days the preschool teacher takes over!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Another summer almost gone and another camping trip survived!  We had to dig deep the first couple of days this year to remember why it's so much fun.  Between the rain and living on 2 hours sleep due to an adventurous toddler,  it was other word to describe it.  When you discuss with your husband over breakfast what activities to do that take the most driving so the kids will sleep,  you begin to ask yourself why you aren't just going home - that would be a lot of driving.  But eventually the sun came out,  the girl slept through until 5am and the boy stopped asking to drive the car.  It was fun,  and what other group of people could make the "hike" to the restroom such an adventure?

Monday, July 8, 2013

 Summer is here.  There isn't a hole lot to show for it so far,  just a 12 day trip to Gramma and Grandan's.  Actually that trip might have done us in for the summer,  I certainly hope not.  There's much fun to be had!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

After an epic snow storm, I found myself reliving my own childhood memories and wondering what these two will have for memories of winter.  The memories of snowbanks higher then cars and huge mountains that were impossible to climb,  coupled with it being so cold you're nostril hairs would freeze, came flooding back to me.  Yes, I live five hours south of where these memories came from; however last weekend we had two feet of snow dropped upon us in a 24 hour period and today we might have six inches on the ground.  Last winter it snowed once, which was very disappointing for a young lad of two.  Though this winter's snowfall has been far better, the temperatures have been so warm, the snow melts away within days of arrival.  Winter can be long, dark and isolating with it's coldness and shortened days,  but adding snow just makes it fun and wonderful.  I sincerely hope my children are able enjoy the spoils of winter as I was.  They sure appreciate what they have been introduced to so far!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

She isn't very tall, but man,  she packs some punch!  Opinions, silliness and curious all in one go.  She's becoming quite the little lady.  Don't even think about taking off her new jacket or shoes.  It won't go well.

Friday, February 17, 2012

The subject of this blog is usually the little man in the foreground,  and rarely the bigger version in the background.  This week, be it that Valentine's Day just pasted, I'm getting older and more reflective, or being laid out flat with the stomach bug two different times over the past four weeks,  I've been thinking a lot about him and what having him in my life truly means to me.  

We bicker, argue, annoy and sometimes truly grate on each others nerves.  The best part about all of those things is that once we actually admit it to each other, we seem to feel better and move past it immediately.  I've realized over the past few months of being stretched thin, exhausted and pushed physically beyond my capabilities that even then he still makes me laugh and smile.  We crack each other up with the silliest of statements, and can make fun of ourselves and each other without being resentful.  I've lost it with him on more than one occasion, and if I could take it all back I would.    I'm sitting here happy that he's out being social and having fun with friends  (I'm sure that is a bit of story swapping going on about pestering wives or the like) but I miss him and am looking forward to him coming home so I can tell him that.

My definition of what it means to be a mom has expanded with children in my life, but my understanding about my part of this husband and wife combo has just busted wide open over the past two and half years.  I could gush over all of his wonderful qualities, but the one that continues to amaze me is how he so willingly is able to step and keep this ship from sinking regardless of the timing or situation.  I have no idea how he is able to do it, but I can't express to him enough how much it means to me or how much I love him for it.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

We can do this........right?

Some days pose more challenges than others.  There are moments when it's obvious as to why that is, and then at other times it's completely unapparent as to what is going on and why.  Thursday was one of those days.  The fatigue, sluggishness, and overall irritability didn't make a lot of sense given that it was a snow day.  However,  Friday morning brought the answer - a head cold.  Fantastic, welcome cold and flu season, here we go.  And two days later, three out of four of us were in the "same bucket together" (I know it's wrong, but I'm know for that).