Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm in love!!

I have no idea who actually reads this besides Mr. Romance.  Sometimes people will comment to me in person about reading it, and other times my wonderful knitting sisters will post a comment.  All are appreciated, though I really just use it for myself.  Its a great place to just be proud of a project or capture Puddin for a brief second and be able to look back on the moment since they go by so quickly.  But right now I feel close to bursting so I'm going to let it spill here.  I've had a wonderful summer and here are some reasons why:

I have found time to knit again, it's feels like coming home to a house with bread baking.  Even before you eat it you feel warm and satisfied!
Grampie and Grammie have been able to spend a good portion of time with us, which is great seeing as they live 5 hours away, and someone really likes his Grampie!

Honestly we had a very low key birthday celebration (hence the Thanksgiving bib) but we had to have a hat picture!  

I was able to have an excuse to go to playgrounds on my days off.
Hiking with my favorite boys.

He doesn't nap, but he sure is cute!

I can't believe that in eleven days it's over again for another year.  I live a charmed life indeed, if for no other reason than how happy it can be with the little things.  Now I'm off to go squeeze some beautiful red/pink merino cashmere sitting on the coffee table!  I'm thinking lace ribbon scarf by Veronick Avery.  

Sunday, August 15, 2010


On a resent trip to Acadia National Park last weekend, our first introduction to family camping was a bit of a change for me.  I think Mr. Romance would be happy to report back that he enjoyed the more lax, less militant camping style, from my previous conservationist, NO impact expectations of years past.  Let's face it, when you travel with disposable diapers and a huge red wagon, you let the backpacker in you relax a bit and actually use the dumpster at the campground.  I think J might have filed for divorce if I'd insisted on packing out the dirty diapers......I might have divorced myself for that matter.

Someone found out about headlamps!!  That was just too much fun.

It's a tough call on who's more excited to go back, mommy, daddy or Puddin'.

The wagon was better entertainment then expected.