Sunday, March 1, 2009

Did this start as a knitting blog?

Knitting hasn't been the topic for a few entries, but don't worry, don't loss faith. The needles have been out, clicking - though with finishing projects more than making ambitious delves into large projects. Here's another Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Jacket. If you've never made one, it's fun and the results are worth it. This one needs buttons. The pattern isn't sized, you just use the needle size to fit the yarn and the end result is that size, like it or not. It's made from 8 oz. of worsted weight handspun on size 8 needles, so it will fit a 4 year old. Gives lots of time for buttons then.
Here are some new socks too! Nothing beats a new pair of socks right off the needles! These are RPMs, made from Socks that Rock from Rhinebeck. There isn't anything that isn't great about them!

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