Saturday, May 31, 2008

pedal pedal pedal pedal

I did it, I actually pedaled my bike to work yesterday. To many people this is not impressive, but to me it is. It's 30+ miles to get there and I left at 5am to do it. Last summer when we moved I talked about it, but never really acted on it. So a bit ago during Bike to Work week, I contemplated it. The problem with that week was my afterschool (I'm a preschool speech therapist) schedule. After packing a backpack with work clothes and some "freshen up" supplies, I kept getting myself ready to do it. I am a strange bird sometimes, hummmmmm let's clarify my meaning here. I find that when I tell people about my plans they are more likely to not come true then when I keep it to myself to share with them afterward. A bit backwards I'm afraid, but at least I'm aware. Mr. Romance was a bit hesitant with my doing it. To give him his due, I did tell him the wrong mileage at 40+, which made him a bit nervous for me. During the ride I decided to take the shorter route and fight with traffic instead of more mileage. This decision was made while grinding up a hill and wondering how much energy I'd have for chasing my friend A. around the preschool all day. It ended up being a bit fun actually, I'm sure the novelty won't be there the next time, but think I smiled most of the way there because I was ACTUALLY riding my bike to work. You must understand that my dream job would allow me to do that everyday. Seeing as we've chosen to live outside of a large city, I know this is a pipe dream. But sometimes it's fun to dream.

In knitting news I've finished the pink gables. These ladies are great designers. I love this t-shirt. It knit up so easily and it looks great on (in my opinion anyway) I just feel great when I wear it. There aren't many of my projects that I can say that about truly. I'm actually thinking about making another one it's so comfortable. I'm taking an airplane trip next month and this would be great for traveling! I'm referring to actually taking it to work on, I'm not ambitious enough right now to get it done it time to wear it.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I wish I had duck feet!

After three different attempts with this pattern and various yarns, the broken cable socks are finished. I love the leg, and should have continued with it down the foot, but I followed the pattern. I do love the color and you have to admit that I look a little webbish in this picture, rather duck like. Did you ever read the book, "I wish I had duck feet?". I loved it as a kid, my parents were patient and read it over and over to me. Now I get to listen to it again as an adult when we read it at work. There are many benefits to working with kids, reading old favorites is just one of them.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Why did I sit down????????

It never fails, I do fine at work, I think of all the things to do after work, I get in the car and............. after a 50 minute drive I pull into the driveway and am exhausted. I can't think of doing anything and don't even pretend to want to. So here I sit, in front of the computer it's 6:30, I have not practiced yoga. My yoga mat isn't even calling my name - but I've checked email, ravelry, the weather and now I'm posting because the last one was in April and I've "done SO much" that requires discussion.

I am happy to announce that I have ridden my bike in the woods, first ride off road was Sunday and I had a better one yesterday - I didn't sit down when I got home so I was able to exercise! We are so excited - it's completely possible to ride directly out of our backyard straight to my favorite woods trails in seacoast NH without having to pack up or use the car! We can PEDAL, and there is only about an half a mile of road involved. It's a beautiful thing!

To update you on the spinning in my life, I had been using my spindle a bit. I have some small samplings and I'm pretty happy with the results. I rented a spinning wheel from The Yarn and Fiber Company for a week and I had a ball. The results need some work but I LOVE it. I am going to order a wheel and be lost forever to yarn. Mr. Romance is officially frightened and a bit annoyed that there is more to my obsession then just knitting and purling.

Oh, the real news of note is that I have finally been to Webs and I'm afraid I will never be able to go back. It crazy there and I now have enough yarn to last me into my mid-eighties if my hands can hold up that long. I have been staying up at night trying to finish projects so that I can start new ones with my new yarn. I have some ideas but nothing firm yet. I'll post the ideas as soon as I've settled.