Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Vacation is officially over.

We made it back! I don't think there is any place more worth a trip than Utah, I've been there in the summer and the winter. It would take hours of sole searching to determine when I liked it best. I'm happy to report that I completely enjoy winter again too - the one question I have is, have you ever seen such big goggles on a girl? They take up my entire helmet.

We made the trip without event, all connecting flights were met with luggage aboard. I'm thrilled to announce that my wonderful friend Jen is married. This too took place over our vacation and I actually was able to attend her ceremony. The fact that we made it to Baltimore is truly a miracle. She and Mr. S had a beautiful and short ceremony, I've been told by J that if we ever get married it too will be that short. Ahh, Mr. Romance lives in my house!

Progress on the knitting projects: the broken cables socks are officially "broken" to quote my favorite three year old. I completely ripped them out over the weekend. I've moved on to the snicket socks and those are about 40% underway. The sweater is about 50% completed AND I have a new pair of leg warmers!!!!

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Mr Romance said...

Those are definitely the biggest goggles I have ever seen.