Saturday, March 8, 2008

Process or Product?

Well today, while in a local yarn shop, a conversation began about my love and obsession with my basket of favorite yarn. I keep this basket in the sitting room, in full view for all to admire, but mostly for me. I just love the look of it, sometimes I rearrange the color combinations, change the way it's organized or even just pause in front of it before moving to the task at hand.

When I shared this with the ladies in the shop, one agreed with me that little bits like this were part of the fun, while the other stated it was taking away from my knitting time. So once again the division between "process" knitters and "project" knitters was defined. I, myself, am always happy to have a finished project that I love and can proudly proclaim I am the creator of; however, I can't count the hours I have spent happily involved in the whole process, and even when the project ends in disaster, I start it all over again!


Celandine said...

Hi, Kara! I actually found you through ravelry because I was envying your SWTC karaoke in mermaid mix... Then I visited your blog (I was curious) and noticed you are also a cancer and have a career in education AND you live in New Hampshire, which is where I am hoping to live next (although not on the coast.) What do you teach? What did you do with the Karaoke (if there was more of it)?

Kara said...

The SWTC sits you have a project in mind?