Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Let's go fly a kite!

I have known J for as long as I have had this bag in the works, and I'm happy to announce that the monk satchel, though not perfect is complete. My sewing skills need vast improvement, but I'll work at that slowly. I'm just thrilled to take it off the list of unfinished projects! I just love the liner fabric though. Purlsoho is just far to much fun. I get lost just looking through all the fabric and yarn.

It was another successful day of kiting! To follow many other "real" kiters, because I do not even pretend to be more than a complete rookie, the weather report was as follows, winds were light out of the west/northwest. The snow was gone, glare ice was the surface. J doesn't ski and wasn't up to testing his fate on the ice with his snowboard for the very first outing so he busted out the 5 meter and static flew. I was fortunate enough to use Molly's 7.5 meter again.

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