Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ok, so I have been knitting a bit, a very little bit, but a bit. Another thing to add to the brilliance of Elizabeth Zimmerman, the BSJ doesn't require extraneous thought. You can still enjoy knitting on limited sleep and it's such a great pattern that with fun yarn it looks great. I do love Elizabeth, be it my love of all things squishy or my enjoyment of a pattern that doesn't require me to keep track of every row I knit, I'm not sure. But she is my favorite. Now with a child of my own I can continue my quest to knit every pattern she ever wrote. If Mr. S's expression means anything in this picture, modeling of the garments might be up to someone else.............. but his hair do is rather fancy, don't you think?

We are into our sixth week at home. We seem to be getting on rather well. I can identify the "burp me" cry, and the "I'm tired" cry. I have some trouble with the others, oh except the "I'm in extreme pain and you need to do something now" I have that one down too - that one is very similar to "Don't you ever eat garlic again, it's killing me" cry, which I am completely okay with following. There is some confusion between the "mom, you're an idiot, THAT is not what I wanted" cry and the "hurry up already, I can't see from down here". Oh I don't give myself enough credit, I completely understand the "this car seat blows and I don't like you very much right now" cry. All of these different cries are fine, but I think I like the "gee, I love milk" gurgle, and the "hey look, I have hands and I can actually move them myself" babble. I think his favorite is the "look how fast mommy/daddy can run into the room" yelp, but if I could actually see the panicked look on my face that might be mine too.

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