Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"They" say..............

The general consensus from other mothers has been that parenthood seems to bring the advice givers out of the woodwork. The strange thing about me and advice is that there is good advice that I listen too and agree with. I'll make a mental note of the idea, think about how to implement it, picture it in my day and have every intention of taking that advice. The problem, that's as far as it ever gets. I seem to lack the gene to implement advice when given, especially if that advice would make my life easier. Stranger still, if it's bad advice or isn't of the type that would work for me, I am able to put it right into action, jump on that bandwagon and watch it fail. How do I possess the bandwagon gene but not the other? Funnier still the particular advice that I am thinking of isn't being implemented right now because I'm procrastinating and writing about it. Typical me.

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