Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Life changes

Here sits she who has more bicycles then pocketbooks, more yarn then pants, and too many hobbies so that none of them get done well in the few summer days that New England actually experiences. Yet I find myself in this fortress against heat, with the blinds drawn, AC constantly on, and watching weather.com to determine when a more suitable temperature will be coming our way, with no intention of going outside EVER. It's not for my own purposes that this is taking place, I feel like a mother bird protecting her young. If you actually come to close to me right now, I might actually fake a broken leg and hobble in the opposite direction to lure you away from my tiny peanut to protect him from your body heat. It's a funny place to find myself. I have little regard for my own safety during the best of times (I've been informed that 90 degrees is to hot to mow the lawn, yet I found myself contemplating it just a moment ago) and here I am responsible for an actually person who can't defend himself, and won't be able to for awhile yet. I'm sure it's hormones, but today I'm just caught up in the fact that this little man will grow up sooner than I will be ready for.

There will be other things to write about than baby news someday, but for now just bare with me, this is all very new, and honestly I had no idea I'd be this smitten with him. I miss him when he's sleeping four feet away from me. When he's crying and mommy doesn't understand why, I will admit that I'd wish he'd fall asleep, but then I miss him all over again.


Mychawd said...

Now that's a picture that shows his cute-ness. Stay cool. Hugs, Steph

Kara said...

Thanks Steph!