Monday, August 18, 2008

sock blanks!

My friend Pam came over yesterday and we dyed sock blanks. We've recently been introduced to the world of podcasts and had both listened to one about dying these bits of fun. She was all the motivation I needed to try it out. It was very fun, super messy, and extremely interesting. They all came out great, even the ones we didn't like at first. It will be an adventure to see what they look like as socks.

We started at 11 and were finally finished at 3, but it was fun. It's a two person job that's for sure, if for no other reason then it's such as mess, you want someone else there to make it worth the newpaper! Today they are dry and ready to be knit......must go find a pattern.


annieB said...

you need a big kitchen for that... that looks like fun! can't wait to see the finished product!

Mychawd said...

I'm jelous!!!! I want to dye too!!!!

Mychawd said...

Jealous that is.