Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My brain is moving WAAAAAAAAAY faster than the rest of my body/life it seems

This picture is for my mother. She gave me new dishes for my birthday and doesn't think that I like them - main reason being that I neglected to call her when I opened them to tell her. Truth be told it was the first thing I did on my birthday, but the day was full of fun and I didn't get to a telephone when I should have. The bright colors do look wonderful in my cupboard, the dishwasher, the table in even on the couch in front of the tv which is where the three of us seem to be eating these days. Why did I spend all last fall finishing a table for the kitchen? To learn the process of course.

For the first time in my life, knitting is still going strong this summer - I usually give it up when the weather turns bicycle friendly. But this year with the gift of an ipod from Mr. Fish and Chips (previously known as Mr. Romance) I am addicted to knitting podcasts. This only seems to give my brain consent knitting information in the car, which is usually where I catch a break from the needles. Add to that the Twist Collective release, and my sudden desire to knit my entire Christmas gift list socks - hope they aren't reading this. I keep thinking about more things to cast on, more skeins to turn into center pull balls and even more gifts to make for people. Oh, limenviolet aren't helping with their yarnporn, and even listening to the knitpicks podcasts is making me check their website repeatedly. As if the closet can handle more fiber! The craziness continues because I'm going to visit a friend this weekend and I'm already wondering about knitting projects.

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