Monday, September 8, 2008

And it's already September

How did it happen? School is back in with a vengence - that tight knot in my stomach has returned with the thought of meeting new kids and having to be their entertainer/educator. For some reason starting the school year always makes me a bit nervous, I guess it's a good thing. Keeps me on my toes.

In other news, finally a trip to Long Island Maine with friends over Labor Day weekend which was just as wonderful and relaxing as you can imagine a long weekend on an island in Maine to be. This was what we had to look at we sat and read, knit and ate. It was such a wonderful weekend to spend with friends and Mr. Fish and Chips. He was excited to rest too, the comment made was turning the pages to his book was more energy then he felt like expending.

This past weekend another long overdue trip to the Kingdom Trails was completed. That too was relaxing in a completely different manner - the kind that exhausts you at the end of the day, covers you with mud and helps a mediocre meal taste fantastic!


Mr. Fish n Chips said...

Dear Readers,

Updates to this blog may become less frequent. You see the author has discovered something to rival knitting. It's name? Facebook!

Mr Fish n Chips

Kara said...

They have knitting groups!