Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Living in the moment.

    Super Pud August 2010 crawling around a tent.
Super Pud May 2011, doing yard work.                      

It's only Tuesday, and I found myself flabbergasted that it was ONLY Tuesday today.  How could that be?  Are there truly 3 more wake-up and get dressed days this week?  I'm going to think of 3 more outfits to squeeze into?  It's three whole days until I can lie in bed with Super Pud and leisurely read books as long as we want? Seriously?
Then I had a thought,  time is going by too fast,  there just can't be any hurrying, so stop complaining.  It's already June, I haven't seen dear friends since February.  How did that happen?  I went over a year before I saw another couple of dear friends.  My little baby has evolved before my eyes into this boy who shouts directions from the back seat regarding his preferred music choices, the best route home and how loud the volume to the radio should be.  He now calls himself "big guy", as well as his father.  I looked at my wonderful husband the other day and realized I've known him for 6 years,  we didn't JUST meet a few years ago.
So this afternoon I relaxed,  we drew on the blacktop with chalk, and I let him get covered in a sort of red chalk coating that won't wash off, but sure stains the couch.  We sat on the floor and played "excavator" and ate too many strawberries and grapes before dinner.  We did some other "multi-media" things that some might pass judgement on me for so I'll leave those out for now, then we sat and read books and jumped until it was bedtime.  He won't remember tonight for very long, but I will, and even though I still miss the friend I've neglected without intent, and I still have 3 more outfits for the week to manage myself into,  I was present in the moment.  At this point,  that's where I need to be.

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