Tuesday, April 19, 2011

journaling, or is it journalling?

Either way,  this particular individual isn't so hot at it.  The idea of it thrills me,  I have traveled around the country with journal in hand, and when the journey ends,  been very upset that  I didn't write a thing down.  So here I find myself again,  only this time regarding this blog.  I am very haphazard with it.  The funny thing that occurs to me is when I have the time to sit and write, life has been pretty mundane and everyday. When great things come up,  the pace runs so fast and the crash to follow happens so quickly, it's days before I get to this here blog.  According to NPR,  my son's generation will not have a legacy to refer to.  We don't write letters, keep written journals or even photo albums and movie collections any more.  Everything is stored on our hard drives and needs accessing with a password.  What about our blogs though?  Will they stand the test of time?  How long will they last and who will be reading them in the distant future?  Who knows............

Unrelated to that topic,  we had an interesting conversation in this house yesterday.
"Mama, play?",  "Sure I'll play with you, what shall we play?".
"Mama play laundry?" ?????????????
 "You want to play laundry?"
So playing laundry ensued.  I guess I spend a bit of time sitting with him doing laundry, because he promptly started taking the laundry out of the basket,  holding it up, wiggling it around and putting it down on the floor.  REPEATEDLY.  This my dear friends is how my son perceives his mother, a lunatic who takes things out of baskets wiggles them and then puts them down.  Enough said.

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Mychawd said...

So that's what you've been doing? Wiggling around a bit. Made me laugh.