Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sometimes things just happen because.....

So today was jamned packed full off activities before it even started, but we forgot to tell Mr. S. and he had his own schedule.
It's been a learning curve, this motherhood stint.  Unfortunately, the curve affects two other individuals in this household,  not just the mother-in-training.  This weeks learning curve - drum roll please- ear infections.  Its a long, not overly interesting story, but after a week of fluctuating behavior, he was taken to the doctor and well, now we know why we haven't been sleeping for the last three nights.
So needless to say,  his schedule out weighed all others today.  The dinner with great friends we haven't seen in a year was cancelled, the trip to run extra errands is on hold, the house is a shambles, and the second Christmas tree of the day is in the living room, a quarter of the way decorated.  It's turning into one of those holiday stories for the books, long story short, lack of sleep leads to difficult days.  I've just finished letting the movie Motherhood play through while I tried to accomplish something on the list from today.  There is a long story with this movie around cost and profits, not to be gotten into here.  I really liked it, as a new mom.  I wouldn't have otherwise.  The point of referencing this movie is truly just to point out that even though the weekend might end up less then anticipated, I'm decorating the Christmas tree by myself again, and I'm so tired that typing real words is taking every bit of my being, it's all fine in truth.  There will be more moments like this as the years go by, but they will be outweighed by other, seemingly insignificant at that time, but filled with so much excitement and happiness we'll all just burst.  Like Mr. S does every time that vacuum cleaner starts up!

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