Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Holidays!!!

I'm hoping that you all had a wonderful weekend and hopefully with the snow that's falling outside, some of you are able to extend your holidays a bit longer.  We here at Camp Hartshorne are very excited about another day of nothingness.  The holiday itself was wonderful, and continuing on.  So far Mr. S's Christmas has lasted three whole days.  We are on day three of gift opening and there are still three more presents to go.  He has bursts of present opening where one or two are broken into, he'll discover the toy inside and play for the majority of the day with that item.  It's been the most perfect Christmas.  I'm not assuming others will be like this,  once he understands that each package could potentially hold the "hit of the day"  but we're enjoying it while we can.  If it takes all week to get through the last three I'll be perfectly content.  It's very fun to listen to a 17 month old say "oh, wow" as he rips small bits of paper ever so slowly away from the box.  Even when he can't see the contents  "oh wow" is repeated three or four times over.

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