Saturday, July 4, 2009

I really have been doing things........

I'm not just sitting around eating bon bons, honestly. I've been knitting and sewing and eating lots of popsicles! I haven't read in any books that popsicles are good for prenatal development, but they are very tasty! Have you any favorites? I'm taking suggestions, Edy's grape are doing it for me lately. Baby seems to agree. Growing without any problems from the feel of things.

I'm all done sewing little diapers I think, for now anyway. I have 18 at this point. We'll see if baby likes them before I get anymore going. I used some minke fabric to make two and I liked the fabric so much that I made some of these. I have some fine tuning to do with my sewing skills, but I've learned more about my sewing machine which should make the next pair go a bit easier. I'm kind of excited. They are really cute and easy, which is a bonus. I'd like a big girl pair, but there is a weight issue that needs to be taken care of.

OK baby, I'm ready - come out come out!

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