Sunday, April 13, 2008

Traveling cables now apply only to elevators in my life!

With neck nightmares behind me now, the traveling cable sweater is complete. Carole, thanks for your comment, I'm glad other people can relate to my knitting strife, it gives some comfort to know that we all go through it! I think I like the sweater, I'm wearing it right now. It was great to use up some stash yarn from over ten years ago. I bought the yarn hoping to turn it into my version of a popular J Crew sweater and lost interest so it's fun to see that it became a cable sweater after all.

It's a classic '90's pattern, boxy with blousey sleeves. The Bartlett yarn I used is stiff as well which in places accentuates the box, and as the picture is showing, not completely flattering. It is super warm and will be a great weekend sweater so for now I'm happy. I can always take the sleeves back and slim them down. I did modify the pattern a bit but knitting it to my measurements verses following the sizes listed. Hey '80's fashions came back, maybe the '90's will too? Who knows.

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Mychawd said...

It's done It's done!!!!
I'm so excited for you. I'm as excited as if I'd knit it myself. It's because I know you've re-knit a bunch of it. I feel your pain, so I feel justified in feeling your joy. Congrats!