Saturday, April 19, 2008

After how many years?

After many years of attempting to grow orchids and failing miserably, I'm proud to introduce to you the newest member of the houseplant family. Here is blossom number 2! Not only has it bloomed once but twice. I have actually raised two flowers from our orchid ( I have been corrected about joint ownership, oops, sorry).

Orchids and I don't always understand each other. We had about 4 buds on this plant in February and when we came back from Utah they were all shriveled up and dying. I have been given two different books on orchids and am constantly consulting Mr. Romance's mother, she is British and an excellent gardener, orchid grower. However, I have still lost one complete plant and was panicked about this one. Everyone tells me orchids are easy, but I think I over care for them and literally kill them with kindness. Thank goodness we don't have pets or kids then hum?

In truth I believe that the fruit bowl with bananas and oranges was too close to the plant on the counter (in case any of you are interested in the proper way to display your orchids) AND we turned the thermostat down when we were away and it was too cold for the flower buds, as well as a few other plants it seems, oops. I guess the houseplants will be happy to know that we are out of frequent flyer miles and free airline tickets, no winter vacations planned for a bit. Ahhh, free vacations.............

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