Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's happening again, I think.

Mr. S is only 14 months old, and it looks like we're looking for yet another daycare setting.  I've vented about this plenty, but it lurks in the back of my mind all day long.  It's similar to dating,  you have to call, set up a mutually convenient time to met,  make pleasantries and small talk, than either hope that they love you and want you (or rather your child), or you have to break up with them.  It's freaking exhausting.  Never mind the fact that it has to be fit in after a full day of work/play, when the small boy is so tired he's ready to fight anyone who comes near him, which as can be imagined makes a fantastic first impression.

It's little (or rather huge, depending on how much sleep I'm gotten) things like this that I never could have imagined prior to having a child.  These are conversations I might have listened in on and nodded my head and felt minor sympathy with before.  Now I'm consumed with it.   Oh, I do know that there are people with real problems and this is small in comparison, but it's getting to me.  The problem with situations like this is that you can't just jump up and fix it, it takes times.  Plus what if I make another bad decision?  I didn't know the last situations would turn out like they have.  Maybe I should throw all of my reasons for choosing where he's at now out the window and try to find a new criteria.  Man, I'd love to out source this to India right now.

Oh and I did find the perfect place,  it's also $105.00 more than we pay now.  Let see, great daycare but live on ramen noodles for life?  I know money's not suppose to be the final say, but that is a lot of money per week, never mind per month.  It's actually two thousand less dollars than my entire undergraduate college tuition.  Oh did you know that I went to grad school?  :)

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Pam said...

Did you?! :)

That sounds crazy expensive for day care. Or you got a great deal on undergrad tuition.