Sunday, March 7, 2010

What a beautiful day!

Yes, it's a very simple title, but you can't sum up this weekend any better way.  March,  it's such a strange month - I struggle with it every year.  It signifies the end of a fun winter and winter activities, but the beginning of warm weather and even more fun.  I will say that this year I am completely fine with the end of winter - probably because my participation in winter activities was sub-par.  I did not get the kites out off the shelf, the telemark skis have not seen their friends, the telemark ski-boots and the poor snowboard only had two conversations with the snowboard boots this winter.  So considering the Clarkshornes of winters past we have done NOTHING.  That being said,  there was little snow, lots of rain and it was very mild temperature wise, plus I haven't gotten the best sleep this winter.  All extra energy has gone into being able to stand up straight some days.

That being said, I'm not in a hurry for winter to be over,  I'd take another snowstorm so we could use the sled again or be locked in for a snow day, but not too many.  I'm working at just being present for today,  and tomorrow I'll enjoy then.  On one level the days go by so slowly- like on Monday thinking about when Friday will come, but  then on weekends the days fly and I could begin to panic about how quickly they ended.  I need to stop and breathe and take them as they come.  So "what a beautiful day" we have here.  I think I'll go get the crazy baby out of bed and take him out to see the world!

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