Friday, May 15, 2009

Diaper covers, diaper covers

They aren't the knitted kind, but they are kind of cute. There is a pretty good chance that baby out grows them before we can get our use out of them, they seem small, coming for someone with NO idea what to expect - size, gender, anything. You name it, we're newbies! And yes, the reality is starting to sink in........... holy cow - we're in for a shock!

Anyway, the pattern is from Little Comet Tails and the best one I've found yet! They are just covers, I'm hoping to use G-diapers with them for day care. We'll see.

It's been three long days at home, there is the presence of a persistent cough that can't be shaken, and to top it all off today I've found a new allergy - I seem to be allergic to this "wonderful" face cream that everyone, even Oprah loves. Well, it seems to have caused a chemical burn on my face - now I cough and am swollen and red. Thank goodness he married me two weeks ago and didn't wait for today!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's taken a week........

It's taken a week to post, how does time go so fast? We got married last weekend, and I'm happy to say it went smashingly! I could not have asked for more and everyone's happiness and generousity was amazing. Now I just need to clean my house and get ready for this baby. I think it's interesting that they always measure time with pregnancy in weeks, so 9 more weeks seems like a lot of time, but holy cow - that's only 63 days! How is that possible? In 63 days I'm going to be responsible for a small being that either has my or John (or worse case BOTH) of our temperments! It been done by millions of others for millions of years, I just figures I'd be the last person on earth for it to happen to. Must get knitting................. need more diaper covers :)