Friday, May 15, 2009

Diaper covers, diaper covers

They aren't the knitted kind, but they are kind of cute. There is a pretty good chance that baby out grows them before we can get our use out of them, they seem small, coming for someone with NO idea what to expect - size, gender, anything. You name it, we're newbies! And yes, the reality is starting to sink in........... holy cow - we're in for a shock!

Anyway, the pattern is from Little Comet Tails and the best one I've found yet! They are just covers, I'm hoping to use G-diapers with them for day care. We'll see.

It's been three long days at home, there is the presence of a persistent cough that can't be shaken, and to top it all off today I've found a new allergy - I seem to be allergic to this "wonderful" face cream that everyone, even Oprah loves. Well, it seems to have caused a chemical burn on my face - now I cough and am swollen and red. Thank goodness he married me two weeks ago and didn't wait for today!


WickedPyssa said...

Just be thankful that this cream didnt create something worse, like spondylitis for instance

Kara said...

hah! Love it!