Sunday, December 27, 2009

I finished this before he can drive!

I consider the completion of this sweater to be doubly sweat.  Not only is it finished but Mr. Puddin' can actually wear it.  I panicked about three weeks ago that he's growing so fast I would never complete it in time.  But here it is.  I actually started it the day before he arrived, at that point I was so frustrated that he was never going to come out that I literally just gave up and started a new project, should have done that the week before I guess.

It's a little mini peacoat sweater, the pattern calls for pockets, but he has yet to use the pockets in any other garment.  So I felt it was fine to take the liberty and leave off the pockets for this one.  He doesn't look like he minds one bit!

In other news,  Christmas is over and the New Year is coming.  I don't know if I'll make any resolutions for this year, granted I need to exercise.  I can't even write the word "more" there since "exercise more" would imply that I exercise at all.  I'll leave it at that.  I could eat less sweets, but that always happens anyway when the holidays are over.  Sleeping more would be fantastic, but I am not in total control of this either so alas, leave that one off.  I might follow in the footsteps of my favorite roommates and give up dry skin or maybe resolve to flip over my mattress more frequently.  We'll see.

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Mychawd said...

ahh Mr. Puddin looks like he's happily enjoying his driving coat!