Saturday, November 7, 2009

One day on, one day off, two days on, three days

off?  Doesn't that sound like a wonderful work schedule?  Keeping whatever your current salary is off course, just adjusting the days on and off of course.  Well that's want this week has looked like.  The joke has always been that I would be more than willing to work between 10-2 four days per week at my current schedule.  Just enough to allow me to be involved in something other than my own selfishness, but short enough to allow me enough time for all my hobbies if laziness didn't take over.  Well on paper this week might look somewhat similar to that but not of my own doing.  Mr. Romance had day surgery one day = day off from work to be at hospital.  Then the daycare provider's daughter had a 103 fever one day = the little boy wonder having no place to go so mommy got to stay home another day.  Now I need to find a profession when I can keep this schedule, adjust the work load to fit the schedule and keep my current salary to pay the mortgage.  Any ideas?

Regarding work,  I'm back at it again, full time and the darling boy is in daycare full time.  I continue to be torn about this on many levels.  It is our reality so I'm of the mind set I'm not going to lament and dwell on it for too long, but I think getting my thoughts out completely might help the process some.  1.  I love my job, always have deep down inside, why else would I have traveled 100 miles a day for 8 years and decided to buy a house within a reasonable distance (Is 60 miles round trip reasonable?).  It's a great job that has given me many opportunities and some fantastic stories.  2.  My job has been my social outlook for years, only recently have I developed great friendships outside of work.  3.  We need my health insurance as a family.  4.  I have found a great daycare provider who has other children and I want Mr. S to be with other kids and learning by watching (good, bad - as long as he's learning to interact socially in this world, dad and I help him learn the logistics later).

I've rambled on now for long enough.  As with everything, it's a personal decision that we had to make and to do what is best for our family.  I could think about it and make myself sad and depressed and I do worry about it. Then at times I feel with confidence that I'm doing okay and it's what's best for us as a family.  What I really need to do is find peace with it, not get defensive and relax.  I know that I'm in for a bit of a roller coaster ride for a very long time, I need to remember that and to be completely corny "just let it ride".

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