Saturday, April 11, 2009

They are finally finished!

YAH, they have come to an end. The never ending knee highs are completed. It took months, my mother actually worked on them at one point because they were boring me to death, but I do love them. Pam and I dyed the yarn back in August, so I'm happy to say that two of the three sock blanks have been used.

In other news, the baby bump is LARGE at this point. I had to struggle to get the socks on today, picture me laying on the bed feet in the air trying to pull on socks. Not that tricky except every time your leg comes near you, you stop breathing because there isn't enough room for both your diaphram and your leg plus your bump on the bed with the rest of your body. Interesting hum? Not really, takes me back to the beached whale rolling around in the sand scenario. Not pleasant.

I finished these awhile ago, but I love them and they aren't as hard to put on, so they deserve some blog time! Do you love them?


Mr Fish n Chips said...

Damn, you finished them before I got the deck finished!

Mychawd said...

aaaah we love our beached whale. You're still cute! And those socks are G-R-E-A-T!