Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's been awhile.

Well, It's been over a month. It's hard to post on a blog titled purl and pedal when you really have been neither purling or pedaling, especially not pedaling. With 2 feet of snow, pedaling has not been on my must do list. The bike is on the trainer in the basement, but that also was briefly turned into a wood finishing workshop, not an excuse but I used it as one to not go down there and exercise. I must say though, there are some beautiful shelves down there now :) Mr. Romance has done well again. I'm also four months pregnant, and for awhile energy was not my friend. I barely knit, the thought made me a bit nauseous. I have been out snowshoeing and this week knit the first baby sweater, it's almost ready for pictures!

I have finally finished a pair of socks. This was an accomplishment, these things were ripped out many times. That pattern isn't confusing but you have to keep your row count. I'm not the best at that. I've also finished two wool soakers, which I don't have picture of. Plus I've finished knitting something. Sound interesting? I've knit it now I need to decide what to do with it. We'll see how it works up. The sewing machine has come out too, stay tuned!

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