Wednesday, December 17, 2008

84 hours off the grid.

Camping to some is one of the best things in the world. Add this particular individual to that list certainly. There is something so wonderful about waking up in the morning, hearing nothing but nature, crawling out of a tent or out from under a picnic table in eastern Colorado somewhere, yap yap yap. On this descriptive jargon goes with the love of camping.

Camping in ones own house can be just plain annoying after three days. Day one was tolerable, day two getting a bit old and now it's REALLY cold in the bathroom. Day three, the freaking radio batteries are out, the flashlight is getting down and there's work tomorrow? Anyway, it's over for many, still going for far too many both in my opinion as well as theirs I'm sure. The classic bit about the whole thing is that after finally biting the bullet and buying a generator, taking 2 hours to set it up and the various appliances appropriately, the power came back on! You know what, I'll take it - who cares about the cost!

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WickedPyssa said...

84 hrs holy crap! Be happy yarn doesn't need refrigeration, well for the most part....