Tuesday, February 19, 2008

finished and unfinished business

Well, I'm happy to report that I have actually finished a project, or rather 6 projects! That is almost unheard of my world these days! I made romanesc insulated shades for our skylights. Granted, it wasn't a complicated job seeing as I haven't touched a sewing machine in about 20 years; however I did actually do it and they don't look bad. I'm not thrilled about the fabric, but I didn't think dumping a lot of money into them every time my love of a new print or color scheme resurfaced. This actually seems to happen on a 4-6 month cycle, so I went very neutral. I'll save color for the pillows! So my goal of completing them before spring has occurred. Hopefully this will help with the heat loss we are experiencing on the roof.

I made a larger one for a doorway to a mudroom. This one ran into problems, I'd love suggestions if there are any. I've hung it up and am letting it "stew" until I form a solution. J has made a good one, which makes sense that the engineer would be a better seamstress than myself!

I NEVER thought I would be the one to state this, but I'm a little bit tired of winter.............. My cure for this feeling is a trip to Utah and to have fun with winter again! Last weekend at Girlstorm definately helped so a week skiing should give me some enthusiasm too. Imagine not having to shovel for a week!!!!!!

But to prove just how pathetic I am, what project do I take?

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Mychawd said...

Take the Fuzy Leg warmers!!!! Then you can wear them if you finish before coming home. Have fun!