Saturday, February 6, 2010

It was bound to happen eventually............

My father has recently shared a story with me about being a new parent.  He recalled driving home from work some thirty plus (many pluses, but that's not the point of this story now is it?) years ago and thinking to himself, "Things are going really well right now, but that could change any minute, I'm not going to get to caught up in it."  I have no idea if things went bad soon after or if his tide of good fortune continued however;  I now have a definite appreciation for his statement.  Let me preface this story with the acknowledgement that given the state of the world, and the horrible conditions of Haiti,  I know this is not anything to be truly concerned about.

But given the small bubble of my world,  I was feeling pretty good, everyone seemed happy and content.  Baby Puddin' was thriving.  Then my daycare provider dropped the bomb that she wasn't going to continue her business............ ughhhhhh!  She has said that she will keep him until June because she committed to me in the fall.  But he's home with just her, without other kids which, if I can't be home with him I would like him to socialize.  So the search has begun, and it is agonizing.  At least once a week,  Puddin and I trek off after work to meet another person who does daycare, we are there for about an hour and then drive away wondering how it's possible we wasted another hour of our lives that we can't get back.  They are nice, just have different principles than we have.  One didn't think through her advertisement to babysit, and realized AFTER we talked that she wouldn't be able to do it.  Come on - really?  You just figured that out now?  Not when you put the Ad in craiglist?  There is one person left to meet, and of course I'm certain she is the ONE for us.  I get as hopeful about meeting these people as I did with internet dating when I meet Mr. Romance.  I just hope it ends as successfully.